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The P5 Way

Doing things better than they have ever been done before

P5 Infra's value proposition relies heavily on the way in which we do business. We call it "The P5 Way." 


Vision and Values that Guide our Mission.


To become a premier global owner/operator of port and other transportation assets that consistently deliver high returns for our shareholders by utilizing next-gen tech innovations and guided by a diverse team of subject matter experts 


Acquire and launch transformation initiatives on one new asset per year.


  • Velocity - make calculated decisions, quickly

  • Agility - stay flexible to adapt to continuously changing environments

  • Innovation - leverage tech to find unique ways to do things... exponentially better 

  • Accountability - own our performance

  • Mutual Respect - treat others as we prefer to be treated

  • Data Driven - metrics matter... measure and manage accordingly

  • Entrepreneurial - seek new opportunities others may overlook

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