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P5 Approach

Doing things better than they have ever been done before

A novel, innovative approach to converting acquisition opportunities into accretive assets for our customers 


uncovering and securing undervalued assets


end to end operational management

Value Add

next gen tech and shared services model that impacts the bottom line


P5 Infra seeks lucrative returns primarily via direct investment in the assets it manages


  • We pursue unique investment opportunities that enable P5's team to execute transformations and turnarounds to unlock material value

  • We prefer to co-invest in the assets that we manage to maximize alignment and returns for our shareholders while minimizing risk


  • We directly manage the investments we make... from the setting and implementation of strategy to executing day to day operations

P5 Value Add

  • Culture - we drive additional value in the assets we manage by orienting the culture of the business to simply operate differently... the P5 way

  • Technology - we leverage the most advanced technologies in both mission-critical and non-mission critical functional areas of business operations

  • Transformation - we quickly identify critical areas of ‘transformation potential’ in an asset and then set out to create strategic and tactical plans needed to execute those transformations... all with robust reporting frameworks to measure progress and quickly note deviations​

  • Data & Reporting - we implement robust data acquisition and reporting processes/systems to provide transparency into performance and financial results, and ensure decision-making is based on objective and accurate data

  • Shared Services - by leveraging TechOps, our shared services toolset, we provide not only the support technology but also the remote managed services for functions that can’t be fully automated at your facility

  • Other Solutions - we add value in the assets we manage by providing the resources needed to implement complex consulting, analytical, and technology solutions that assets could not or would not pursue on their own

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